New Anaphylaxis Technologies are Saving Lives


The technology for epinephrine auto-injectors is making the daunting and scary reality of access and administration easier by the day.  We now have more options for epinephrine injectors than ever before. The Business Insider recently featured features a story written by Megan Rose Dickey, a young woman with a life threatening peanut allergy. A few weeks ago, she experienced a slowly progressing episode. Having never used her injector before she hesitated to administer her Auvi-Q injector, even as her throat was slowly swelling up. She claims her hesitation was due to discomfort with the idea of self administering the injection. However, when all of a sudden the swelling began to progress more rapidly, she quickly opened her Auvi-Q. Upon opening the case, an automated voice tutorial began giving her clear and concise directions for administration which she claims was quite relieving. After the injection she was able to drive herself to the hospital where a doctor told her she needed to be intubated immediately in the emergency room with a large dose of Benadryl. Had she not administered the Auvi-Q she may not have made it to the hospital to receive what turned out to be critical and emergency status care, and things may have turned out very differently for her. She praised the small and accessible design of the Auvi-Q as a new take and updated design of the epinephrine auto injector. Anaphylaxis technology is making the lives of those with allergies easier, and putting everyone more at ease.

 Read the full article on the Business Insider page


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