AppiPen featured on the AAC website!

“What Uber has done for the carless, AppiPen wants to do for the careless—that is food-anaphylaxis patients who forget to bring their Auvi-Q™ or EpiPen™ with them when they leave home and have an emergency. The brainchild of young American entrepreneurs Jim Sweet and Joe Friedman, AppiPen will connect those who are not carrying with those that are within a practical radius. This came to my attention via a personal message on the AsthmaAllergiesChildren Facebook group at 11 AM and within half an hour, I was on the phone with the founders, although they were situated in Santiago, Chile. Both were inspired by experience with food allergies, either personal or in close friends, to fill this particular gap in access to epinephrine.”

See the rest of Ehrlich’s article here at


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