Mitigating risk and improving response, the case for EpiPens in every restaurant

This summer, Hamilton city will test out a pilot that stocks two food courts with EpiPens for emergency access. The mall security team will be trained on how to administer the injections. Eventually, they may be in every food court and restaurant in the city.

Although this implementation does levy some risk, especially upon the city, the risk has been dismissed as quite remote by the city hall who believes the program’s justifiable benefits outweigh the potential costs.

However, this trial will serve as a barometer for future installations. City lawyers defend legality as fitting with that of Good Samaritan covering all circumstances barring “gross negligence”

“It’s important that people with food allergies don’t interpret the project as meaning they can leave auto-injectors at home,” suggested Canadian Executive Director of Anaphylaxis Laura Harada.

She brings up the idea of moral hazard, the idea that we have a propensity to take on greater risk if we perceive that risk as being mitigated by some variant of insurance. However, this argument may hold less merit in the context of an individual’s health. Health traditionally is a very inelastic good, meaning changes in quantities of health goods and services are not easily subjected to changes in price. We can assume this is because price doesn’t normally change the value(psychological peace of mind) we as humans place upon the importance of our corporal well being. Thus it seems unlikely that people with food allergies would be less inclined to carry their injectors because of a true change in psychological perception, but it is nonetheless possible. Results remain to be seen.

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